How to Brief a Case: Tutorial

This portion of the case "brief" merely provides a summary of how the case was finally resolved as a result of the court's decision. Typically, it will include only a brief phrase, such as "Judgment of the trial court, AFFIRMED," or "Jury verdict in favor of the Plaintiff REVERSED; new trial ordered." It does not need to give detailed reasons, as other portions of the case "brief" have already done this. However, it does serve to emphasize to the student that these are real cases involving real people (or real legal entities) who are seeking specific answers to their real world legal disputes. In the end, somebody must actually "win" or "lose" in each of these cases. This portion of the "brief" merely indicates who the prevailing party was and (at the very most) in what specific manner they prevailed (i.e., Did the Plaintiff recover a money judgment? Did the Plaintiff get to have a new trial before a new jury, the outcome of which still remains uncertain?).

The Result of the Court's Decision

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Type of Action


Procedural History

Contentions of Parties