Ethics Discussion Forum

Registered students in this Course may enter the ETHICS DISCUSSION FORUM via the link to Samford University's "Moodle" application, infra.

Instructions For Using "Ethics Discussion Forum"

This area of the Course is known as the "Ethics Forum." It is a place where registered students in this Course will enter their discussions to Questions and post and reply to various messages from the Course Professor, as well as from each other. As with all other portions of the Course website that not open to the general public or even viewable by members of the public, only students who have been issued a separate Course "password" and username can access the "Ethics Forum." Thus, just as in a regular classroom, all communications on the "Ethics Forum" are confined solely to the Course Professor and the other students enrolled in this Course.

Communications made via this "Ethics Forum" are typically referred to as "asynchronous," meaning that they do not occur in "real time" in the same the way that an on-line "chat" session (i.e., synchronous communication) does. Instead, users of this Forum have an opportunity to read over the various assignments and messages that have previously been "posted" on the Course Forum, and then thoughtfully reflect before responding with their "Replies."

Lesson Questions
ALL students in this Course are expected to take full advantage of this unique form of communication with the Course Professor, as well as with each other, by reading and responding (as appropriate) on a regular weekly basis to the various "postings" and assignments. Most of the individual Lesson modules in this Course have specially designated Questions (posted as separate documents in the "Moodle" course site corresponding to each weekly Lesson) on the "Ethics Forum." Each student is required to post responses on the "Ethics Forum" to all specially designated and numbered "Discussion Questions" (e.g., LESSON NO. 1, DISCUSSION QUESTION NO. 3, etc.). These posted responses are intended for general discussion by the entire class. Just as in a regular face-to-face class discussion, students may respond directly to the main QUESTION posted by the Course Professor, or, where otherwise appropriate, students may "reply" to another student's direct "posted" response to the Question.

This "Ethics Forum" is fairly easy to use, but for some students it may take just a little practice to become familiar with some of its special features, as well as how to "Read" and "Post" messages. Basically, each Question for discussion is presented within its own separate "Ethics Discussion Forum". When you are ready to enter your response to a particular Question, simply click on the link to the appropriate "Ethics Discussion Forum" for that Question, and you will see the full text of the Question to be discussed, along with a list of all of the other students in the class who have already responded to that same Question. You can either (1) enter your own response to the Question by selecting the "Add a new discussion topic", or you can (2) "Reply" to one of the previously-posted responses by clicking on the link to that particular response, or you can do both. In either case, you simply enter your response(s) by typing it directly into the text box area that opens in your browser screen, or simply by "pasting" text from an ordinary word processed document that you have previously prepared in response to the Question. After submitting your response you can preview it on the "Ethics Discussion Forum" and if any changes are necessary you will have approximately 30 minutes in which to "edit" or "delete" your posting. Afterwards, it will be published in the "Ethics Discussion Forum" where it will be visible to other members of the class, appearing as an indented entry to the original Question or topic to which the student has replied (referred to as a THREAD). This is also referred to as a "threaded reply," because it shows the entire "flow" of an on-line "conversation" as a series of indented and sub-indented responses.

Collectively, the overall quality and content of each student's postings on the "Ethics Discussion Forum" will be evaluated by the Course Professor and included within the student's "Class participation" portion of the final Course grade. Please note, however, that it is the overall QUALITY of each student's participation that is important (and not merely the quantity of the student's "postings").

Forum Etiquette
In posting messages onto the "Ethics Forum," students (where otherwise appropriate) can also submit images, file documents (e.g., assignment documents, etc.) avatars (little graphic icon symbols that appear adjacent to the text entry area of the "Post Reply" text editor) and a variety of other things. The only "restriction" is that all students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, and to use language that is appropriate to our profession and to otherwise treat each other with proper dignity and respect.

Initial Forum Assignment
When you have read these general "INSTRUCTIONS" and are ready to begin your participation in this Course, enter your username and password, then proceed directly to the "Moodlem" course site to access the "Ethics Discussion Forum".; Post your first "Reply" to the "Ethics Discussion Forum Personal Introductions". The purpose of this first assignment is essentially twofold:

1. to demonstrate that you have read all of these instructions, located and accessed the Course "Ethics Discussion Forum," within the "Moodle" course site, and then successfully managed to "post" a message on it, prior to the start of the first formal weekly Lesson; and,

2. to introduce yourself formally to the Course Professor and to the other students in the class, by presenting a brief biographical "sketch" of yourself.