Tutorial Exercises

This section of the Course website contains a variety of different Tutorial Exercises that are designed to provide in-depth analysis and discussion of a variety of different legal topics that are addressed in this Course. Each Tutorial Exercise is intended to provide a self-paced, step-by-step progression through the relevant materials. To access Tutorial Exercise, simply click on the corresponding link from the list, infra. Depending upon the individual Tutorial, the Exercise will either open directly as a new page within this website, or in some instances you will be directed to an entirely separate external website.

"How to Write a Brief"
In this original version of this Tutorial Exercise, students are introduced to the basic "components" of writing a Case "Brief." The Tutorial explains the intended purpose of each of these components, and it also provides specific illustrations and examples of how to incorporate each component into the completed Case Brief. The Tutorial concludes by allowing students the opportunity to prepare their own Case Briefs for two different appellate decisions, and then to compare those results with sample "model" Briefs of both opinions. A more recent, updated version of this same Tutorial Exercise is also available as a CALI Lesson, which can be accessed directly on-line from the CALI website at: http://www.cali.org/lesson/569.

Additional Tutorial Exercises will be added as you progress through the remainder of this Course.
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