Garratt v. Dailey Questions

INSTRUCTIONS: CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY READ the 1955 Garratt v. Dailey opinion of the Washington Supreme Court, and THEN ANSWER EACH of the FOLLOWING QUESTIONS, infra. ALL of these questions should be “answerable” from the materials that are included within the lightly EDITED version of the Garratt v. Dailey opinion that is available on pages 14-16 of your Torts casebook. However, since this is one of the first cases that you will read in law school, you might also want to compare this opinion with the actual UNEDITED version of this same case (i.e., the one that was actually decided and published by the Washington Supreme Court). It is available simply by clicking HERE. You should begin this Exercise by opening the complete and unedited version of this same opinion and then COMPARE IT with the text of the EDITED VERSION in your casebook.

The first thing that you should notice is that the edited version that has been provided for you in the casebook is, for the most part, somewhat similar to the “real” unedited version of the Garratt case. However, there are still some differences. To aid in your understanding of these differences, answer the following INTRODUCTORY QUESTIONS.

Q 1. Can you identify ANY SPECIFIC DIFFERENCES between these two versions? If so, what are they?

Q 2. WHY is it important to know what specific content is different when reading edited judicial opinions rather than the original unedited versions of those same opinions?

Q 3. Do the existence of all of these differences mean that law students always should go and read the original unedited versions of all of the cases that they are assigned to read from the casebook?

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