CA Q 25. What is the ISSUE to be included in your Brief of the Garratt case?

The ISSUE is now the easiest part of the "Brief" for you to write, since all that you need to do at this point is simply RE-STATE the Court's "HOLDING" in the Garratt case (see AC Q 24, supra) in the form of a Question that can be answered with either a "yes" or "no" response. As explained in the Response to CA Q 24, supra, the more precisely that you are able to articulate the "holding" of any case, the easier it will be to define specific "rules" that can be derived from that case. See CA Q 31, infra, for a more thorough discussion as to WHY this is important.

Thus, the "ISSUE" that should be included in your case "Brief" is simply a re-phrased statement of the court's "holding" in the form of a simple interrogatory. And, as discussed in previous Responses supra, (See CA Q 21 ), the "issue" for purposes of creating your case "Brief" will usually be one of the LAST things that you do when creating the "Brief." Even though the statement of the "ISSUE" appears much earlier in the completed written Brief itself, it should probably be the very last part of the Brief that you write!

Compare this with your own response to CA Q 21, supra.
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